Movin on up

I’ve been spouting this on Facebook like I’ve got nothing better to do with my time (I don’t), but I haven’t announced it yet to the blogiverse. So some of you may not know that…


We’re moving back to Colorado! In a feat of sheer daring and good ol’ fashioned begging, we managed to convince a string of actual military generals to let us go home instead of going to Mississippi. That means that our orders for Mississippi were officially revoked, and we officially received assignment at the Air Force Academy. This is UNHEARD OF in military circles, so please appreciate what a serious miracle has occurred.

The Academy is Chris’s alma mater. The very place where he went from being a tiny 18 year old with hopes and dreams to being a much larger 21 year old who had still never seen an actual boob up close because of some school-wide imperialist policy against beer pong and slutty coeds. The place where he spent hours walking along lines of tiles, like a giant game of “don’t step on a crack,” only if he screwed up, instead of breaking his momma’s back he had to do push ups and get yelled at by angry republicans. The place where he crashed his first plane. Ahhhhh memories.

Sure, he has to do four days a week of internal medicine and only one day a week of allergy for the time being. Sure, some days his commute will be over an hour because of snow. Sure, he still has to wear his hat when he goes outside. But it doesn’t matter, because WE’RE GOING HOME.

In two months time, I’ll be having barbecues where, at about 8 pm, I have to put on a light sweatshirt because the sun has gone down and the temperature has dropped from 90 to 60 degrees in a hurry. I can’t WAIT. And to see the mountains whenever I walk out my front door— to know that this time next year will be the tail end of snowboarding/snowshoeing season? Glorious. I’m giddy.

And no longer heading toward homelessness! We bought a house in Parker, and will be living very near to my mom and friends and Chris’s family. This is the first time either of us has owned a home, so that’s pretty exciting. And we managed to do it without giving our budget unsightly stretch marks, and using a fixed VA loan, so it should be a slightly lower stress endeavor than many first time homebuying experiences. I guess that’s the benefit of renting and saving until we were older than the average bear.

I’m pretty excited to hear one of the cats making the “hork hork hork blech” sound, and knowing that it’s MY VERY OWN CARPET they’re yarking on, and that I won’t have to lose my deposit over it. Bulemic assholes. Fortunately we’re mostly hardwood in the new place, so they can shoot flaming bile in whatever direction they so please.

Here she is:

And the new kitchen digs:

The kitchen has a walk in pantry, a separate room that can be used for a butler’s pantry, and currently has all-new GE Profile appliances. Much nicer than I would have been able to put in on my own. And we’re swapping the electric cooktop for an induction.

The current house has no kitchen ventilation system (WTF??), so we got a bid to put in a hood over the island, and it looks like it’ll be less complicated than we originally thought. Only a few hundred dollars for the ductwork, and then the cost of the range hood of our choice. I like the glass and steel Electrolux because it minimally interferes with the room at eye level.

Other than that, we don’t really have many improvements to make to the place right away. We got it well under market value, given the current housing situation, and will just have to build our equity off of that. We’re not a handy couple. “Fixer upper” would have likely killed us. No. Really. Like, actually killed us. Via electrocution or falling ladder or something.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last week and a half. Buying a house. Pacing my current house. Making easy spring food like grilled caprese pizza. Doesn’t really warrant a whole lot of blog fanfare, but I’m definitely in more of a cooking mood now that things are settling down a bit, so I’ll start posting more interesting things soon.

Pinky swear.

10 thoughts on “Movin on up”

  1. Congratulations on home ownership! That kitchen is simply lovely and frickin' huge. Enjoy your government move too. When they moved us I opted to pack my own clothes because the thought of somebody else touching my bras/underwear really grossed me out.

  2. Congrats! The kitchen looks awesome, I always check out the kitchen first when looking at new houses. I guess that's an easy way to tell a foodie apart from everyone else

  3. Unbelievable. Such good fortune to twist the brass to your liking! Take that, Commandant.
    Gawd, you could never get an "entry level" home anything like that in Marin, even if you'd been saving shekels and your husband was an MD.
    Life is OK!
    Which room is mine? Not the Hogwart's.

  4. Looks like stonegate…but not. silly parker. We're going up there in a month to help my inlaws move down here…and now my parents are talking about moving away. So strange–it's like your family is all moving back and my family is all moving away.

  5. Congrats on the big move back home, and that awesome house! I'm jealous. 😉

    Maybe one day I'll convince my better half who grew up in San Antonio, that Colorado is beautiful, and we should move there. I just wont go back to the Denver metro area, You couldn't pay me to go back there. I'd prefer a little town up in the mountains maybe.

  6. AWESOME NEWS!!! So fabulous that you guys are going home! If it makes Chris feel any better about the commute, my commute ranges from 25 – 90 minutes depending on weather and traffic (Mike's is even longer) and….you get used to it after a while. Find some public radio, mellow down easy, pretend you don't have stabbing attacks of road rage….

    That kitchen? Seriously, THAT KITCHEN. God, girl. I am in serious love with it. Love the structure, love the counter space, love the cupboards, love that you have a friggin' walk in pantry…..just simply gorgeous. The stuff that's going to come out of that lovely space…whooeeee!

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