Berry White

Long time no see, eh? I know I’ve been like an absentee parent, leaving you all to fend for yourselves, order pizzas, and jump on the bed without supervision. But I’ve been busy. Moving, as it turns out, is not a one week whirlwind of activity, followed by a return to normal life. No no no. What ACTUALLY makes up the moving process involves the following:

–a thousand mile, two day journey
–hotel rooms with cockroaches and cigarette smoke
–finding the street to your new home blockaded due to road work
–finding the painters have not completed anything except covering your entire house in a protective wrap of impenetrable plastic sheeting and thick, caustic dust
–finding holes in your ceiling
–finding the AC has broken down due to the dust from the contractors, and that it is nearly impossible to fix…
–during a week of record high temperatures for the state (Colorado likes its little joke every now and then)
–an incompetent electrician who can’t figure out how to install an air vent, despite bidding that he would be able to do so
–finding a new guy to do the venting, then having him show up in half hour increments to do the actual labor
–fiberglass insulation throughout the house and all over the cats, who were like “YAY ATTIC!” the second we weren’t looking
–two weeks of air mattresses and trips to and from the new house to see what the crap was going on over there
–fixing dishwashers
–fixing refrigerators
–fixing light fixtures
–unpacking boxes that are labeled so cryptically that even Dan Brown has been calling for plot ideas
–attack of the giant, over-friendly cellar spiders, and a Terminix guy who looks like the child killer in The Lovely Bones
–being unable to locate the box with my underpants, meaning a 5 day rotation wherein every 5th day I had to go commando for two hours while the laundry completed its cycle
–everything costing a million dollars, to the point where it would have been more efficient for me to just leave a big box of money on the front lawn with a sign for contractors and home improvement stores to help themselves to whatever they’d like.
–my 10 year high school reunion
–a classic DMV scavenger hunt of locating whatever bits of crazy artifact they decide, on whim, to require for car registration (in this case, a police VIN verification, letters from the bank, a signature from Chris’s commanding officer, and a million dollars. I may need to refill the giant box)
–waiting indefinitely for an induction range that Sears has forgotten about, then finding a new one elsewhere
–buying additional furniture (I’ll have to let Oak Express know about the box)
–and lots of hauling heavy things up and down flights of stairs to different floors of our house.

Now, to be fair, it hasn’t been all negative. We’ve also enjoyed:
–farmer’s markets
–chilly afternoon thunderstorms
–Broncos-colored sunsets
–two minute walks to the park where we can stand and throw the frisbee for our dog, while barefoot, because there are no fire ants
–a trip to the pool with a great friend and her cute kids
–sitting in the coffee shop, drinking on our tab with our dog by our side
–getting to hang out with great people on multiple occasions without having to drive more than a couple of minutes
–having my mom and sister over for Sunday supper
–having our air conditioner finally work!!
–a beautiful house that’s all our own, with a mountain view from the bedroom window
–chilly evening temperatures that cool down the air in the home with nothing more than a box fan
–pets who are thrilled at all the extra space
–neighbors who walk to each others houses with bottles of Patron to sip on the patio while the kids play
–neighborhood teenagers who bring us competing cookie plates to taste, and the one neighborhood pre-teen who doesn’t like the others and told me which ones are “a-holes.” I do love me a disenchanted female adolescent, since I used to be one.
–Becky’s baby shower at the tea shop
–fantastic organic restaurant options within a five minute drive
–a basic King Soopers that’s as nice as any Whole Foods I’ve entered
–buying all new groceries (which I adore)
–organizing all new groceries (which I also adore)
–a beautiful new gym with a climbing wall, cafe, and salon built right in
–and seeing so many people keeping fit as families

Honestly, I’m pretty content. Sure, the move was chock full of giant, aged oak barrels of bullshit, but it’s also been full of all the things I missed so much while I was in Texas. And I see the mountains EVERY DAY. They call to me. They say “Hey Kristie! What’s in that giant box on your lawn? Can we have some??” And I say yes, because I don’t know any different.

Also, I made you pancakes. Well, not you, so to speak. But definitely Chris and myself. And there’s more cooking to come, since everything is basically functional right now, and I have food in my pantry to cook. Can I get a “woooooooot!”?

Blueberry pancakes, to be precise, with fresh blueberries simmered gently in real maple syrup to make a breakfast compote. Oh, and a slather of orange and passionfruit Australian-style yogurt, because it tastes so good with the berries, and because it’s an easy, calorie-cheap protein. Still haven’t set up my photography stuff yet, so the pictures are dubious, but at least you can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Stop jumping on the bed, please. I don’t have time for this. I have to go have a talk with the cellar spiders. They’re clearly skittering ever closer to the last few pennies in the box in the front yard, and I might need those pennies for ingredients or something.

8 thoughts on “Berry White”

  1. Glad you are back. I have missed you. A writer friend of mine was looking for food bloggers and I gave her your site. If you hear from Stephanie at Manic Mommy, now you know why.

  2. That was a rather pleasant heat wave, wasn't it? I usually lurk rather than comment but just thinking back to last week and my broken swamp cooler, enjoying Colorado's little joke in full sweaty glory, inspired me to stop in and say hi. And welcome back to Colorado.

  3. Welcome back! Can't even say how much I missed your posts. Maybe I should log onto FB once in a while, eh?

    Also…I've never heard of Australian yogurt. Is that really "a thing" or just kind of a joke played on the Greeks?

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