Meatballs and what to do with leftovers…

My quest to make up a batch of spaghetti and meatballs came for two reasons. First, because I was watching Bobby Flay Throwdown and it was the meatballs episode, and second because I had just made up the aforementioned french bread and desperately wanted some marinara in which to dip it.

I made the meatballs with almost a full cup of shredded reggiano, along with a touch of shredded gruyere that was leftover from making the gruyeres the other day. They were damned good. Chris and I fried one in the deep fryer before cooking the rest of them the traditional way, and it was awesome, but terrifying at the same time. We deep fry anything we can get our hands on lately. Chris had accidentally deleted both my cell phone number and his best friend’s cell phone number when he was updating his iPhone. I still had access to both. I sold them to him for the low-low price of a professional WaringPro fryer, and it is my most favorite toy. So far we’ve done chimichangas, corndogs, potato chips, french fries, onion rings, tortilla chips, meatballs, and balls of leftover coconut rice and beans (which were ridiculous, for rizzle). The corndogs sucked. The batter wouldn’t stick to the onion rings (which I’m working on). Other than that, unequivocal successes!

Back to the balls (hehehehe). I doubled the marinara sauce, threw in a full bottle of chianti reduction, ignoring cries of protest from Chris that he couldn’t at least have one glass of the stuff, and it was good. I served it on high protein penne, since that’s all we had in the house. I later remedied this pasta deficiency after I discovered the bulk foods section of Central Market has ALL KINDS of organic grains and pastas. I got everything from Israeli couscous to red wheatberries to egg noodles. Heaven, I tell you. I also nabbed up two kinds of smoked salt.

For a finishing touch, I made a shaved chantrelle and mesclun salad with a 20 year balsamic vinaigrette. I almost had to give some guy at Whole Foods the reacharound to get this bottle of vinegar for the price I did, but it was totally worth it. Mmmmmmm. God. Now I’m hungry and I haven’t even gone to the gym yet. I am a slacker.

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  1. Smoked salt? that sounds so crazy…and yet so good.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t use normal salt any more…must use sea salt. lacking that, kosher.

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