Mac N Cheese Challenge

This is what I have to do to feel justified in what I’m making for dinner tonight. That 007 on the bottom right is calories. That’s what happens when it rolls over from 999 to 1000. I felt gypped. I wanted it to say 1K or something good. Anyway, while I did take my sweet ass time with this (took almost an hour and a half to run 6.5 miles, since I ran down to check on the puppy twice, pausing the workout), the calories still count, which is why I am making something so tremendously caloric for dinner.

Last night we watched the Mac N Cheese challenge. Tonight, I’m making my own. I’m thinking fondue-inspired, with toasted bread and butter lining a ramekin, mac and sharp cheddar/cotswald/pecorino cream sauce inside, and a topping of more breadcrumbs, andouille sausage, and granny smith apples. All baked til golden. Do you think that’ll work? I’ll post a follow up to see if it does. Now I need to go wash my person. I am GROSS from the run. Even the puppy looks disgusted.

3 thoughts on “Mac N Cheese Challenge”

  1. Food Network Challenges are these periodic competition that the Food Network sets forth to a group of 5 or 6 chefs from across the country. They’re given a topic and a time limit, then judged on originality, look, taste, etc to determine the winner, who is then given a comically large check.

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