This week has been declared “healthy eating week” by the queen of the kitchen: me. This is partially because we have a bunch of visitors coming next month that includes Chris’s best friend (whom I’ve never met) and my darling baby brother (which is notable because our family thrives on smack talk, and if I keep the weight I’ve gained, it will be noticed). So I’m trying to cram a lot of dieting into a short period of time. Plus, Chris’s friend’s wife, and by association his friend, are very strict vegetarians. So my traditional run-to of coating everything in bacon isn’t going to fly. Sad news, right? It means a lot of veggie dishes will be making their way to our table so I can practice. Ah, the stress of not being able to cook and eat whatever the hell I feel like without consequence…

Sunday we tried a vegetarian version of my all-time favorite Thai food of EVER. Panang curry. I substituted tofu for the traditionally delicious chicken, and added pineapple to make it a little more complex. Served with rice and a cucumber “salad” which was just cucumbers and Thai sweet chili sauce, it actually was filling and tasty. I am SO glad that I brought our Panang pastes with us from CO, because God only knows where I’d find a clean container of the stuff here in S.A. I don’t think our local Asia mart does a lot of curry (being more chinese/korean than anything, I think). Panang does have a coconut milk base to it, so that probably wasn’t very healthy, but I like to think that tofu cancels out anything with which it’s served. Like a caloric vacuum. The only slightly concerning thing is that I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of paste before our time here is up, and I don’t know anyone in my family brave enough to venture to the Asian area of Colorado. If only there were a way that I could connect with various importers via, say, a “web” on my computer. Hmmmmm…

Then, yesterday, we went WAY healthy on the grill with traditional teriyaki chicken kebabs. I used the organic teriyaki sauce from Whole Foods, which has, inexplicably, about half the calories that regular teriyaki has. Bizarre. Fresh pineapple on the grill makes me swoon like a 19th century maiden seeing a young man’s nekked ankle, so there was a LOT of that. Chris took some artistic shots of it with his iPhone camera, because the light was hitting our kitchen in an interesting way. I’ve included one of those (up top) and one of ALL the kebabs disassembled and piled on his plate (below). An aside: how awesome are grilled mushrooms? I mean, really. For something I went much of my life hating, I’ve taken quite the shine to the mushroom, partially due to the woodsy, musky, sexy, chewiness it adds to a dish when grilled. I still think raw mushrooms taste like earthworms, though. Just so you know.

5 thoughts on “Piecemeal”

  1. Dude. That’s actually really funny because I was cutting up my very first eggplant EVER when my phone pinged to tell me I had a comment. Awesome. I’ve never even EATEN an eggplant before, let alone prepared one. Alton Brown says the seeds contain the same alkaloids as nicotine and morphine, so you should remove as many as you can….riiiiiight. Sounds like I’ll only be eating the seeds.

    Also, I admire your “can do” attitude, thinking of veggie recipes. It was a stark contrast to my own personal first reaction, which was “What kind of effing masochist doesn’t eat meat???” But apparently they’re really nice people.

  2. Oh don’t worry, I had our second annual French Onion Soup night at our house a few months back, it was during lent and so, of course, one of the guests who was coming had given up all animal products. Do you know how hard it is to make a beef broth based soup vegan?

    She claims it tasted good, but I swear that by the time she showed up it was mostly water and vegan white wine

  3. I am the kind of masochist who doesn’t eat meat… Or at least the kind that tries not to. I’m still new at this whole vegetarian thing and I ate bacon the other day without thinking twice. Doug gleefully reminded me post-bacon consumption that it is, in fact, meat. Which really sucks.

    I really wish I wouldn’t have watched all those PETA videos on factory farms. My “morals” are all rattling around now.

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