I just spent some time going over my most recent postings and noticed an alarming trend. I, Kristie, am a typical American eater. Every meal I cook contains a checklist of protein, vegetable, and starch. It’s ridiculous. It’s as if I see every plate divided into thirds, and I feel like a meal hasn’t been a nutritious one if I don’t honor those divisions every time. I’m going to try to think outside of the bento box and try spending the next week making a meal, not a composed series of thirds. Cookiecrumb, I have to thank you because looking at your beautiful soup made me think “that’s a fine meal” and then realize that it was a singular dish that was healthful and satisfying. I need more of that, I think.

As for tonight, well, it’s too late. I made grilled turkey scallopine with a dry balsamic rub and a balsamic drizzle (I’m on a tremendous balsamic kick because I accidentally jammed the cork into my bottle of the good stuff, and now I have to use it up before the cork starts to disintegrate). In the other two rigid, structured thirds of the plate were whole wheat couscous with parmeggiano and olive oil, and spinach sauteed with bacon and garlic.

I just finished my new favorite dessert (as far as desserts that are healthy and nutritious, as opposed to, idk, cake?): Gerber Graduates Strawberry Yogurt Melts. I’m not even messing around, guys. The entire BAG, which is a solid 30 minutes of snacking, is only 120 calories, has tons of calcium and vitamins, and tastes exactly like the yogurt version of astronaut ice cream. Sure, it’s in the babyfood aisle, but why should kids get all the awesome snacks.

Speaking of: I once got kind of loaded and had an idea for a juice box for adults that had alcohol already inside called “The Gin N’ JuiceBox.” Copyright that shiznit.

4 thoughts on “Patriotism”

  1. Your meal looks beautiful.
    I just don’t have the stamina (or appetite) to make full-on dinners. We tend to eat one-dish foods.
    As for your balsamic “problem” — we should all be so lucky. 😀

  2. If I didn’t have the appetite to have full-on dinners (unless it was because of major illness) I would be so grateful that I would stand on my back porch and make burnt offerings to above. As a wise woman once said: “We should all be so lucky.”

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