You know how every once in a while you’ll be sitting there on the couch, watching a House marathon in your sweatpants, watching your fiance drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade like the throbbing ball of masculinity that he is, and on one of the commercials you switch over to Food Network to see Alton Brown eating a fried Caribbean meat-pastry pocket? And how your fiance then says “Oh man. I want a fried pie. Or something with dough. That you can pick up *he motions picking it up* and go chomp *he makes eating noise*”? And how you then feel, at 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday that you also want a fried pie. So you go into the kitchen and make hot water pastry dough and find a can of pie filling from that time you had to make 3 Black Forest cakes in a weekend? And how, by the time the commercial break is over you’ve made fried cherry pies, convincing your fiance that you’re actually possessed with the power of magic? Well, that happened to me yesterday.

And it was everything I thought it could be.

7 thoughts on “House”

  1. mmm, house.

    Hugh Laurie was on Jay Leno the other night. with his british accent. it was weird.

    also, shawn and I are going on vacations so we won’t be around until the last weekend of October…so maybe I can have a Pre-Thanksgiving Party…or should I go for a Patriotic Veteran’s day party?

  2. We’re actually considering getting a room at the Omni in Austin on 6th St. Chris gets a great military discount, and we think it’ll be more fun to party up there with other costumers than to stay down here and try to decipher whether the tarantulas parading down our street are actual spiders or children dressed in amusing costumes. We could all go out together?

  3. I was just having dreams/waking fantasies about something I called “peach pie-lettes,” which, CLEARLY, is a tiny fold-up pie, but sounds delightfully like a homosexual aviator.

  4. Becky –

    I’m a bit slow, so it took me a moment to get your joke (sorry I’m that pathetic). But once my little blond light bulb went off, that darn well may be the funniest thing I hear today. Thank you for that.

  5. I’d make a cockpit joke, but I’m digesting a 14 oz honeycrisp apple, so all blood has been diverted from my brain to my belly. Does spending $18 on apples for a week say anything about me? Like that I’m trying to keep my fiance away? Mull that one around until you get the reference.

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