Round and Round We Go

Tuesdays with Dorie this week was a very familiar recipe. It was, in fact, almost the exact same recipe that I blogged about when I got drunk and made pumpkin-cranberry bread for my neighbor when he got robbed. This was without knowledge that I’d be making that same type of product for my challenge. Oh well, it was damned good the first time, and with the Dorie modifications (and one or two of my own) it was damned good the second time.

So here it is: Pumpkin-Cranberry Muffins (baked in a scone pan) with miniscule crystallized ginger pieces throughout. Chris thinks raisins are from Satan, so I went with the Craisins again. Still delicious.

I baked them in my scone pan because I like having prettily shaped treats. And also because I couldn’t find my muffin liners and my muffin tin looks sort of rusty, leading me to believe that I’d probably give the docs tetanus, and that would interfere with their rockin’ mormon-style, alcohol-free, child-intensive Halloween party that I’ll be attending next weekend. Who is SO lucky?? Who is going to be maligned for having such a trampy costume?? Who will be packing an ankle flask that will be clearly visible due to the trampy nature of her costume?? The answer to all three questions–THIS GIRL.

I served them up with a whipped cream that had vanilla bean paste and a shitload of maple syrup whipped in with it. Can I tell you this? The maple-vanilla whipped cream should have been a spoon large enough to rival one of those Chinese soup spoons, directly out of a serving bowl. It was unreal.
So…without further ado. TA-DA!

11 thoughts on “Round and Round We Go”

  1. Like the scones and all and I bet they’re awesome, but I really have to comment on your comment over at my site. That is one of the most original “how-we-met” success stories I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a bunch from numerous well-adjusted friends. Some maid of honor or best man is going to be the lucky person to make the toast to the people that met via webcomic. Nice.

  2. Cute table cloth- youre so festive.

    Funny about Margaret Cho. There is a woman who works w/ my husband and totally wants to bone him, but she can’t because a) he’s married and b) she’s about 60 lbs overweight and is one of those white girl gangters.

    She gives me the stink eye when she sees me in the parking lot and it’s really funy.

  3. OMG, what is with chicks being oblivious to the whole married/engaged concept. One of our friends has it bad for Victor and even after we got engaged she was all over him asking why they never hang out anymore. She was also a white girl gangster. And a complete moron.

    Oh, and you’re muffins look yummy too. I love anything with pumpkin although I’d omit the craisens.

  4. you know, the only thing I can eat raisins in is Raisin Bran. And that’s probably only because they are no longer raisins but sugared pieces of chewiness.

    Also, How did the dog do overnight?

  5. It’s a mini scone pan from Williams-Sonoma that my DH got for me at Christmas time last year. See how I used the net term “DH.” I SERIOUSLY hate that term. HATE. And now that I tried to type it out to be sarcastic, it’s eating away at me and I desperately want to erase it but can’t lest I ruin my sarcastic point about how dumb it sounds.
    Also, can we just all agree that white gangsta chicks are all basically prostitutes. And that FUBU doesn’t belong on an overweight, pasty woman with extra-large hoop earrings and bad eyeliner?
    And finally,

    The tablecloth is hideous and vinyl, and Chris and I thought it was hilarious. It’s not meant to be particularly attractive.

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