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Culinary school is AWESOME. There are some parts that suck, but for the most part it is the best thing I’ve ever done. I had a lot of doubts, but now that I’m there, I know for certain that it’s exactly where I am meant to be. The same cannot be said for all of my classmates, mind you, but it’s definitely good for me.

Things that I love:
-I know more than I thought I did. Discussion of food science, product knowledge, gastronomy, all seem to be areas where I have a whole lot more background information than about half of the other people in my class. And I thought I’d be underprepared having completely never worked in a professional kitchen, and having had Chris write my application letter…
-My instructor is a 6’8, flamboyant, deliriously happy, extremely German dude with an heavy German accent and a lisp. I love him. He seems to like me too, since I participate (read: talk as much as I can and answer every question I can–I’m completely insufferable).
-My first class assignment is to do a research project on Ferran Adria. This is spectacular. Other people got assigned such characters as Julia Child and James Beard. I got the guy that allowed me to immediately go to the internet and buy a bunch of chemicals and molecular gastronomy equipment to do my “research.” Score. I’ll let you know how that pans out. My package should arrive this weekend. My partner for the project (thank God) is one of the few people in the class who seems like the type to understand why I am insisting on a chemical experiment rather than a Powerpoint presentation.
-There was another girl on the first day who did the “poof” with her bangs that is basically my trademark hair. Like this: We made eye contact. There was an unspoken challenge that one of us would have to give it up. On the first day, we both wore it. Mine was way better. Today, I did it again and she did not. So I won. Take that, lil’ missy.
-My school is 5 miles equidistant between Whole Foods and Central Market. I can go grocery shopping at my favorite stores EVERY DAY now.

Anyway, by FAR the best thing about culinary school so far has been the food. Both days we’ve had excellent meals. I’m trying to be very careful about how much I eat, since I can’t control the calories they put in via butter, oil, cheese, etc. But still, it’s great food. The best I’ve had in San Antonio so far (outside of our house, of course).

Day 1:
Green salad
Farfalle with a white wine reduction and red pepper flakes
Grilled asparagus (perfectly al dente)

Day 2:
Chicken stuffed with artichokes, sundried tomatoes, and fontina
Grilled squash
Roasted potatoes
Garlicky bread
Tossed salad with mozzarella and red onions

These are some shots of day 2. OMG.

I’ll keep you posted, but so far, so good.

8 thoughts on “Back to school”

  1. I can’t believe you go to school with Gwen Sefani. And I am so jealous that you have a big box of texturas on its way to you. I want to fly down there and play mad scientists.

    Maybe you could suggest to the duller among your classmates that they might want to study gastrology, instead; it’s much less challenging than gastronomy and involves no telescopes. Failing that, steer them towards cosmetology or scientology. Those are excellent career choices, also. You betcha¬°

  2. I’m so excited that you’re enjoying it!! And every class has one or more douchebags, including the person who answers every question but does it by rewording, just slightly, exactly what you just said. And the douchebag who goes from peep to peep being ‘friendly’ but is really gathering information, then spews spider venom about that person and said information to the next person they’re ‘friendly’ with…and so forth…..


  3. There’s a Dalton in every class, believe me. In my culinary program it was a shaved headed, tattooed (but lame tattoos), emo geek in tight chef pants. I started calling him “Terd Ferguson”, and soon everyone forgot his real name. Good times.

  4. I’m visiting San Antonio and Austin this weekend, do you have a restaurant or two that you’d reccomend? And since you’re in culinary school, check out the recipe contest at – it’s only open to pro chefs and culinary students and the prize is $1000 and a trip for two to Montreal. Maybe you could send in a picture of your bangs to accompany your recipe.

  5. enjoy every moment…
    because one day you will be out of school and then you will have to actually work. and it might possible be for an asshole. a talented, creative and brilliant asshole. who cares little about your hairdo.

    well, i for one can’t wait to read all about it as it all unfolds

  6. Way to win the battle of the poof! I was never able to pull that one of. Lord knows I tried…..

    Culinary school is a blast- you’re gonna love it. I was sad when it was over….
    We also had a Dalton. He idolized eminem and opened his mouth really wide and stuck his tounge out anytime he used a piping bag.
    Sometimes drool came out.

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