Learning is…good

Day three of classes, and it’s still a good time. Today’s school lunch was pork chop with mustard cornichon sauce, egg noodles, the most amazing green beans I’ve ever had (due to perfect crispness and seasoning), and a salad with cranberries and candied pecans. So good! I think my instructor might be Eddie Izzard. Did I tell you that? Only German.

We’ve been spending a lot of time talking about things that will never matter to me. The business aspects of culinary ed, like food-costing, product specification sheets, standard recipes…I don’t really care about those things. But I respect that they’re a part of what I’ll be taught. It’s nice to be able to check out mentally for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

I have been feeling progressively more crappy over the last week or two. I’ve got the tennis elbow from kickboxing, the pulled MCL from running, and lately my head gets throbbing horrible pains when I move it suddenly. Then this morning when I was doing my pre-class run, I lost vision. Like, all of it. I thought it was probably just a pending stroke, and ignored it. Much like I’ve ignored my other exercise-related ailments (I’m a big fan of “walk it off”). Turns out it’s hypovolemia (reduced blood volume, essentially) from a cold that I’ve been getting. And sinus congestion. This also explains the sore throat and why I’ve been conking out at 9 pm and waking up in a cold sweat. But hey! I’m a trooper! So I’ve sucked it up. Well, today it will no longer be ignored. I have crossed over from fighting off a cold to the actual HAVING of a cold.

So I’m making Thai chicken soup with cilantro, coconut milk, panang paste, and lots of chiles. It’ll clear me up in no time. And I boiled a whole chicken with a couple inches of ginger and a whole clove of garlic so I could shred the meat and use the broth in the soup. I think it’s going to be super. I hope it makes me feel better.

I also made some little salami and cheese quiches in phyllo dough for Chris’s rounds tomorrow.

*this post has been edited to eliminate certain “offensive material” so please forgive the nonsensical gap.

2 hours laterThe soup was great. –Doesn’t the cilantro look like the Loch Ness Monster’s tail coming out of a lake? I’m delirious. I put in a bunch of veggies and some bean threads to make it more filling for those of us who aren’t dying of the plague (Chris). It gave me a fierce runny nose, which was fine, I guess. I’m also eating zinc lozenges, which are tasty but make me feel like I’m going to hurl. And I don’t know that I believe in homeopathy. We’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Learning is…good”

  1. sorry about the sick.

    But your chicken soup looks good.

    I should ask Daniel if I can post his recipe for enchilada chicken. (it’s seriously something easy like “boil chicken. shred chicken. place chicken in crock pot. add one to two cans of ElPato spicy tomato sauce. add hot peppers if wanted. add some water to chicken to make sure there is moisture in the crock pot. simmer until ready to eat.”)

  2. I think that secretly you LOVE him and spend class absently twirling your bangs, writing “Mrs. Dalton Spite” over and over again on your trapper keeper.

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