Pre-Holyween Party

As previously mentioned, I had a delightful office party for Chris’s work to attend last night. Chris wastes his anti-work points openly hating the military, so he has to participate in other areas, lest they start holding it against him. It was fine. There were a lot of kids. A lot. Of kids. Seriously. And I don’t mind children, I just generally prefer them to have less visible stickiness than this crew did. So I did my best to alleviate the candy smears on their cheeks and in their hair by providing an appetizer of my very own:

Yeah. A hundred Halloween cookies, each frosted by hand, some cats, some ghosts, some pumpkins, and some bats, which would have been a lot cooler had somebody thought to dress their child as Ozzy Osbourne. I made a bunch of them on sticks and stuck them into a pumpkin that Chris had done a shallow carve on to make it less likely to get messy. AND he frosted the ghosts. This was a risky maneuver because last time we made Halloween cookies together, he put together some really fantastic decorative schemes, like cats that had the word “Meow” written on them in blue frosting and no other frosting whatsoever. I wish I had pictures of these cookies to show you just how bad they were. And he was DELIGHTED by it. Every ghost that came out of the oven got the “whoooooooo” sound effect and a smiley face put on it, and so on. But he actually did a great job with these, under pain of disfigurement. It took us a long-ass time, so it was nice that our training schedule had us on a “building” weekend of only an 8-mile slow run yesterday. I felt like a friggin’ PTA mom.

Now the fun part; our costumes ROCK this year. I wish we had a Halloween party to go to every day this week, that’s how much I love it. Behold!

Good, no? And I can’t even PRETEND to be modest about this–I ROCK at Kart. Chris has never won a tournament against me. Here is an actual photo of the screen last time we played, that I had saved for posterity to mail to his best friend (who is also a pretty big gamer):

I just can’t wait til we have a sticky child of our own, and we can dress him or her as a 1-UP mushroom and go as a whole Mario family. It’ll give me some incentive post-pregnancy to be able to fit into this dress again…

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  1. I’m going to be lucky if I wear anything costumey on Friday- this week is crazy with work. Plus, my Son just wants to wear a paper bag with holes cut for his eyes and arms. That’s it. It’s a ghost, you see. Or “box-head ghost monster” alternately.

    I’ll probably lame out and wear my (truly horrifying) redneck teeth and mullet wig (again.)

    You guys look great. And the cookies are amazing. Your kids are going to be psyched, and possibly attractive.

  2. Cookie–Chris is very British, but pulls off the stick-on moustache like a true Italian. It’s super. He keeps threatening to bring it around again just for weekend wear. As for myself? Yeah. I’m pretty damned wegey.

    Peter–I’m certainly hoping we can make cute kids. I’m banking on a dark-haired, blue-eyed combo. I’ve suggested Chris provide such genes, lest I have to turn elsewhere for my baby-daddy. And tell Milo he can just wear his mommy’s high heels and go as “daddy when he’s out with his friends.”

  3. Sweet, love the costumes. I’m glad you guys are gung ho for Halloween, I hate when people groan at the mention of a costume party. I have some hilarious photos of Victor and his friend as Mario and Luigi a few years ago.

  4. tres cute.

    my cousin once frosted an entire batch of christmas cookies in blue frosting. And then refused to eat any of them because they were blue.

  5. Good GOD! see, this is why husbands and wives should not use the same computer, because someone (namely the husband) forgets to log himself out of Gmail thus allowing his wife to post comments that makes him sound very, very gay.

    love much, Katina-wife of Shawn.

  6. I almost got a Princess Peach halloween costume very similar, if not identical, to that one. It was between that and goldi-locks… but I didn’t get either because I’m not doing anything for Halloween. VERY cute couple though. :)

  7. Mike–the girl right above your comment is going as Leela! So I think Tina and Kristen should have a Leela-off. As for you, lil sis, I am so glad we don’t have the same costume. Because I would have had to run you over with my car. I’m sad that you aren’t doing anything fun and college-y for your first Halloween!

  8. LOVE the costumes. But I hate Peach. Baby Peach is actually my nemesis. She screws me deliberately and TOTALLY gives Mike the right of way every time. Friggin Baby Peach can kiss my arse. However, that said, I LOVE the costumes!!!

  9. Spoodles–I thought you might appreciate these.
    Brooke–LOTS of black mouths. They looked like they were hemorrhaging.
    Tina–But Peach was the perfect costume for me. I don’t look very much like Yoshi.

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