Domo Arigato, Sushi Robato

First off, I hate my dishwasher. Do any of you have a dishwasher that is worth a shit? I never, ever have had a dishwasher that cleans the way it should, and am currently saddled with a gem so ineffective that (and I’m not making this up) if I insert a set of CLEAN dishes and run it, they end up dirty. The dishwasher actually invents dirt, and then distributes it to my dishes, leaving crust and grime on the inside of all of my glasses. And then I have to hand wash them to get them as clean as they were in the first place. I have had a repairman sent by the property management company look at it, and he pretty much shrugged and sent me a bill. And the thing is BRAND NEW. Thanks for that, Mr. Repairman. I’ll assume that you have spent your time being BFF with John McCain and not reading up on how appliances work.

And how come when I told him how I can put tea leaves into the garbage disposal, and then the next load I run in the dishwasher will deposit tea leaves into my glasses, he acted like this was a totally normal thing, and not an abomination?? Okay, rant over. The bottom line is that Chris and I have had enough of hearing one of us unloading the dishwasher calmly, singing cheerful and traditional songs that have had the lyrics altered to dirty words, only to hear that peaceful sound interrupted by the clatter of a pan hitting the counter and the person doing the unloading screaming “MOTHER OF ASS!!!!!!!” So we’re buying a new dishwasher. And while the Miele is a real panty-dropper, it’s also a bazillionty dollars, and we’re trying to limit our income choices to things that don’t require anal violation.

On a brighter note, Chris and I made sushi and summer rolls, and they were right purty. These are pictures that had been taken with the camera that Chris smuggled out of the allergy clinic for one weekend of joyous, high-resolution picture taking. Thus the superior quality of the recent pics, in contrast to my tradition of mediocrity. An aside: if any of you have a recommendation on a good, professional-quality digital camera, that’s also a thing we’re eyeballing pretty heavily.

Ah, she’s a beaut.

I grew up hating fish because my mom hates fish. I still hate fish with a passion. Shellfish, ocean fish, fish caught from the icy, fresh streams of the Rocky Mountains–I hate it all. But in a bid to impress Chris when we were first dating, I agreed to try a piece of tuna roll. I was hoping that I would look cosmopolitan and adventurous, and also not like a girl who was eating Skittles out of her pocket every time he got up to go to the bathroom or looked intently at his menu. I tentatively forked a piece of rice, and it was good. I then speared a molecule of the raw tuna. It was fresh, clean, sweet and tasted almost like a fresh melon. I was intrigued. But seaweed? No Effing Thank You. Ugh. Nigiri was the solution, and it is still a huge treat for me. Pretty much anything that I have to pay $22/lb for when it’s ON SALE is a treat for me. Chris is the official nigiri assembler.

I love this picture. It’s one of a few that pushed us over the edge into serious camera lust. Those grains of sticky rice just seem to jump out at you, yelling “get me out from underneath this girl! She’s like a dead fish!”

Summer roll mise en place. This happens infrequently. I’ve been told it’ll be beaten into me in school, so I’m trying.

These are summer rolls with cucumber, mirin-marinated tofu (sorry, Mike), carrot, scallion, and bean threads. We dipped them in some Thai sweet chili sauce. I care deeply for Thai sweet chili sauce. It goes back to the first time I had it. I was at an upscale bistro in Fort Collins, CO that had deep-fried artichoke hearts on the menu. I felt pretty strongly that I would be eating those artichokes. I then saw that the dippin’ sauce was “aioli.” I know what that means; it means mayonnaise. I won’t be fooled! So I requested another choice, and the chef proffered the sweet chili sauce. Shebang. It really cupped the balls, so to speak.

And finally, my sexy dog in high-res:

9 thoughts on “Domo Arigato, Sushi Robato”

  1. i make summer rolls a lot around here but never blog them because they look like a train wreck.

    yes, chili sauce is a perfect dipping sauce. and it’s good on steak. and fish and seafood. and sandwiches…

  2. most of the photos I’ve been taking are with my Digital Rebel (Canon’s cheap DSLR). Of course when I put them all on the crazy interwebs I have to edit them to be smaller, otherwise I’d only be allowed a total of 10 photos on my Picasa account.

    Check out the garden blog for pics, since that’s when I tend to actually, you know, attempt to take pretty pictures.

  3. A few things:

    1) Sushi is my food crush. Love it. Could eat it every day. But hate cooked fish, seafood, shell fish and the like. Who knew?

    2) Any suggestions on how to pick good fish to make your own? Did you buy the rice pre-made?

    3) A while back you posted a picture of a baby in a crate. It has become my mantra. “Babycrate: As it should be.” Check out this link. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. I adore sushi. I could live on it (and probably should for a while, cuz it might help the ole waistline).

    That tuna looks heavenly. God now I want sushi. And it’s only 7:40am.

    I’m sorry I have no suggestions for the camera. My photos are abysmal.

  5. We use a Canon Digital Rebel also, and you can get a pretty inexpensive (like $60 of your America Dollars) lens that makes every shot you take into a beautiful portrait and is great in low light.

  6. So the digital Rebel, huh? Here is the part where I think to myself “Sweet! Then that’s what I’ll get, since I can then ask my blog-friends for advice if I have a question,” so I tell Chris what I’ve found through my research, and then he spends 3 weeks researching that exact camera on every possible website, eventually determining that he’s not sure whether the reviews are good enough. Wheee.

    Claud–What are you trying to say? That my rolls look like a train wreck? Sheesh.

    Katie–I used to LOVE Jack Handey when I was small. Website is great, though I miss the narrative voice.

  7. Mike has a nice camera in the way that he takes good pictures with it. Because I know nothing about photography and, frankly, can’t be bothered to change the lens (ever) my pictures kinda suck anyway. But…not as much as my dishwasher sucks. That’s the motherload of suckage. There’s nothing like putting ONE (1) bowl with a bit of crusted cat food into a tray with 8 wine glasses, and have them all end up looking like your cats had a cocktail party in your absence.


    That’s an article with food photography tips, including camera choice. I have a Nikon D80, which is a little too big and cumbersome but very nice nonetheless. I am waiting for Santa to bring a macro lens; until then, I use the macro setting on my point-and-shoot (higher-end Nikon CoolPix) and don’t bother if I can’t get natural light.

    Above all, make sure what you buy is either a Canon or a Nikon. The other brands are 100% useless, in my opinion.

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