Need your help, por favor.

When tasting potato varietals in school today, I stupidly said that they shouldn’t throw away the trays and trays of perfectly roasted and seasoned potatoes (fingerling, blue, red, white, russet, yukon gold, etc) that were leftover after our tasting. I said that if they were going to toss them out, I would take them home and find some use for them, and then would bring the result back to class to snack on for Halloween breakfast tomorrow.

Now I am at home with two gallon-sized ziplocks of potatoes, and no idea what to do with them for tomorrow that will make an appropriate (yet absolutely easy) breakfast.

So I’d love to hear your ideas. Extra credit if you can find a way for me to feed them to 15 students tomorrow morning. Extra, extra credit if you can figure out a way to do this without me having to buy other ingredients (think pantry staples).

I so heart you guys.

10 thoughts on “Need your help, por favor.”

  1. So far you are both right, although both also wrong. I will absolutely be making some kind of breakfast egg dish (likely a frittata because it’s easier to transport) for my classmates, but I served the docs mini-quiches last week, so I can’t do eggs again. Good so far, though!

  2. Have you ever heard of a Montana special? It’s potatoes o’brien on crack. Add green bell peppers, ham, bacon, shredded cheddar, and onions. Serve with fresh tomatoes, sour cream, and salsa if you’re feeling saucy. Keeps well overnight, and is the best breakfast you’ve ever had. I’m talking mouthgasm.

  3. Latkes.

    Grate them all, wring water out w/dish towel, add egg(s), salt, pepper, fry in goose fat. Or something similar.

    Applesauce and sour cream are preferred garnishes.

  4. I posted the apple dumpling recipe–search by the recipe label (I always give my recipes a faux publish date of 2/1/08).

    I decided to try the dumplings in ‘dumplette’ form. I think you might find that form preferable for doctor rounds…unless you have to make foods edible without a plate…then maybe not.

  5. No Doucheton? Dammit. I was thinking frittata or fatke latkes … but so was everyone else! Then I realized it’s pretty late and you’ve probably already said to hell with it and ordered a pizza or something.

  6. Fuck them, I’d eat em myself.

    But I do have to support Brooke’s Montana special suggestion. We used to eat it as kids, all loaded with sour cream and bacon and cheese…it’s even better after it’s ben sitting around for a couple hours.

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