You say potato, I say awesome

I have to be brief tonight, but thought I should share something so carb-y, so cheese-y, so white trash-y that it would shame me if it weren’t so damned spectacular. You see, everyone’s been all about these things in their blogs lately (starch, cheese, and white trashiness), and I am a big, fat follower with no original ideas, so… wait. What’s that you say? That this has never been done?? That I’m completely OG, and possibly too legit to quit, as well(hey-heeeeeey)?

That’s right. Crispy-skinned baked potato with pepper and onion beef sausage, topped with a sauce made from some leftover bechamel, a wedge of Walzerstoltz cheese and an aged Cantal. And some mustard powder and grated nutmeg, ‘cuz DUH.

Mmmmmmmm. Philly cheese baked potato, you my only friend.

8 thoughts on “You say potato, I say awesome”

  1. Your trashtastic carb n’ chee looks a hell of a lot better than my pile o’ puke, that’s for sure. It’s a seasonal thing, I think. Either that or we’re all getting lazier and stupider- and yet thinking ourselves ever cleverer- from reading each others’ blogs. Like the right-wing echo chamber, but for food.

  2. See, you say white trash but I totally disagree. White trash is using cream of mushroom soup for the sauce, Schneider’s breakfast sausages, and sprinkling French Fried Onions on top.

    PS – I get a free weekly magazine from the company I work for that is full of ‘recipes’. Last week there was a 5 page spread on grilled cheese, which should make me happy, but didn’t. Because…because there were STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to make a G.D. sandwich, and then they all used processed cheese. That just saddened me.

  3. I agree with Tina–it’s like you took white trash food and made it good for a restaurant.

    Next time you’re in Austin, you should probably try to check out “Flip Happy Crepes”. They’re located catty corner (to the south west) from the Schlotzky’s on South Lamar by the River. Of course, they’re only open from like 9-3 Wed-Sat. But…if you came up early on Saturday you could also go to the Austin Farmer’s market…which promises to be better than the San Antonio ones.

  4. Actually, I just checked–Flip Happy is a block south of what I just said.

    Oh yeah. Since you’re in a trailer park mood, you should also go eat at The Trailer Park. It’s really just a lot that has 2 airstream trailers on it–Torchy’s and Shuggie’s. Shuggie’s has Ice Cream Battered Onion Rings. DELICIOUS. They’re located on S. 1st–just a little past the School for the Deaf.

  5. so like, i’m sure if i ate that i’d love it
    but why does it not sound appealing?
    wait, i know – because i just ate at ‘wolfgang puck express’ and it was gross food and nothing sounds good right now because i just wanna poke.

    glad i could share…

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