Pi r2

π r2? Naw, bitch. Pi are ROUND.

See? Round as all get out! “Peniiiis, penis butter (and jelly!).” Actually, just peanut butter chocolate whipped cream pie, but good in the way that I thought only candy corn could be. I blind-baked a pie crust, melted some squares of chocolate during the last few minutes of ovenitude (which was cool, because it retained its shape until I touched it.) Then I brushed said chocolate over the crust to seal it, and then filled it with a peanut butter, cream cheese, french cocoa powder, whipped cream, sugar filling. Drool.

And pumpkin pie, with whom I have a very tenuous relationship. We’re in negotiations. I made some killer cinnamon whipped cream to top this little bastard.

And a triple chocolate ganache cake, garishly decorated with orange jellies and chocolate discs (by request, not my fault). I’ve been a busy baking beaver (the second best kind of beaver!)

They ain’t none of ’em pretty, but I’m going through an ugly food phase. I made smoked gouda grilled cheese and a bitchin’ turkey tortilla soup tonight, but it just looked like…soup and sammich, and would have photographed like Average McMediocrity, so i left it out. Tasted like heaven in a spoon, though.

7 thoughts on “Pi r2”

  1. I don’t give two shits what it looks like, every dessert you’ve presented here is making me very very hungry.

    The peanut butter pie especially. Torture, I tell you.

  2. My relationship with pumpkin pie (and I have to say the amount of time it just took me to spell pumpkin correctly leads me to believe that my doctor made an incorrect diagnosis of my near fainting) is anything but tenuous. I will likely eat the ENTIRE pumpkin pie I make for Thanksgiving and then I’ll bitch because my toe is too tender to go run 15 miles and work it off.

    That chocolate peanut butter thing looks very drool and I’m totally trying the chocolate on the crust technique for my pecan pie.

  3. Oh, and they definitely don’t look ugly. It’s pie. With chocolate. It’s like when you have a baby and it’s all slimy and blue but you think it’s beautiful because it’s your baby. But it’s pie, so it’s even better.

  4. a word to kristen – if one has not had a baby, especially one who is NOT INTO babies – that was really tought to read…

    i want the cake – minus the weirdness on top. but i will bet the cake was awesome. and i love pumpkin pie but crust as a rule does nothing for me. i just like to eat all the guts.

    so now you know.

  5. ceFret, if by “not into babies” you mean that I love them and am planning on having plenty of my own some day then you hit the nail on the head. I’m sorry that my love of pie is so offensive to you but perhaps one should not assume that one has not had or is not into babies when one does not know me. And perhaps one should look up the definition of “joke.”

    Kristie, didn’t you preface your blog with something about not getting easily offended? I guess I just get a little confused when it’s okay to make fun of obesity but not okay to love pie. What has the world come to?

  6. The chocolate constipation cake is doing it for me in a way that makes me uncomfortable, but I still totally wanna get dirty with it.

    I love those orange thingies.

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