Follow up from today’s post…

It appears it’s been listed both ways, but while One Republic is from Colorado (elaborate gang-like hand gesture here), but honestly…do you want to tell this gloriously oiled up black man (a.k.a. Timbaland) that he didn’t sing that song? Because I’m pretty sure he could eat the entire band of Old Republic, then poop them out, and they wouldn’t even CHANGE SHAPE. They might even still be wearing their emotional pants.

5 thoughts on “Follow up from today’s post…”

  1. Wait, I’m confused. So, is the greasy black guy Timbaland or Old Republic. I thought Timberlands were boots. If you’re gonna oil yourself up and change your name, wouldn’t you pick something that’s not…a boot.

  2. Maybe it’s because he’s all hard and tough. Like a shoe.

    Speaking of oiled up brothas (are we allowed to say that if it’s complimentary?), I was running today and realized I was running faster than usual, and then realized it was because I was listening to Nelly’s “ThickyThickyThick Gurl” song. It’s strikingly motivational to jam to the cadence of someone calling you fat.

  3. I totally ran faster last week when “Sexyback” came up in the playlist. I’M NOT ASHAMED!!! But that’s Timbalake, which isn’t a boot at all. Wait, what?

    (Nate wondered where the sudden burst of energy came from, and only made fun of me a little bit when I told him.)

  4. I’m pretty sure we aren’t allowed to say anything anymore, regardless of intent. I’m sure somebody out there would yell at me for referring to you as my blonde friend and accuse me of hair pigminataion discrimination.

    The lamest songs that I would never admit to listening to end up being the best workout songs. And of course anything by Michael Jackoson.

  5. What was you said in response to one of my blogs a while ago “I really enjoy the spitefulness of this gesture”…well, yes. Ditto.

    It could be worse, Timbaland could have decided to go with RedWinggg or Worx.

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