A montage

I stayed home today to study for my personal trainer certification exam tomorrow morning, and to get an MRI for my elbow, which didn’t end up happening since the hospital is full of stalling, lazy slags (not you, honey). I’ve been studying for all damned day. Muscle locations and medical contraindications, and designing programs, and calculating body fat percentages, and memorizing the laws of physics. Ugh. I can tell I’m getting burned out, since the last question in my workbook asked “Joe is a smoker who needs to lose weight for medical reasons, but is unwilling to quit smoking. How can you get him on a beginning health regimin?” and I answered “Call him names, punch the cigarette out of his mouth, and give him a low-intensity program for wussies to keep him busy until he dies.” So I’m taking a break. Here are some fun photos from the last two days to keep you happy:Mao has apparently taken the same approach to Christmas as I typically do. He’s embraced the one corner of the house that houses a)a rosemary “tree”, b)some shiny presents, c)the white wine chiller, and d)being the center of attention. Oh, and e) Cuisinart in general. Notice how his tail frames the word? He could advertise for them

Willie catches a quick nap with Mr. Cottontail after a VERY DEMANDING play date with Mr. Squirrel. Poor, poor Willie!

I now have sneaky photographic proof of Chris feeding the elusive Madeleine Meowbright (Maddie) a root beer float off of his own spoon. I’m recording it in case he tries to deny his love for her again. She’s a total princess, and doesn’t really like people. Kind of like her momma, actually.

I made this last night because I had to practice some knife cuts. See how geometric it is? This one’s for you, Mike and Tina Pan-seared tofu triangles glazed in Thai sweet chili sauce, served with buttered rice, a sweet, rice vinegar soaked carrot brunoise and cucumber julienne salad, and a looming scepter of fried wonton in the back. Tasty, light, healthy. Like I like my men, yeeoooow!

Chris very generously offered to make dinner on Thursday. He even adorned it to make it more palatable. Frozen pizza and Bailey’s…mmmmmmmmm? Ain’t he cute?

6 thoughts on “A montage”

  1. Nice knife skillz. Don’t you hate how night shots always end up so yellow? My last offerings to cakespotting have all been shot down due to crap lighting. I’m going to install halogen strobes in my kitchen now.

    And if the cooking doesn’t work out, the pet porn is a sure thing.

  2. GOOD WORK on the tofu front!! It looks tasty as all hell.

    Maddie looks like a hoot – at least she ‘allows’ him to feed her from the spoon, as opposed to my four legged friends who ‘allow’ me to (unwillingly) share my dinner plate with them when I turn my head a fraction of a degree.

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