Lies, all lies….

I know, I promised you another blog today about food. But then my wedding shoes came in the mail, and I am really excited about them and want to show you. So I’m going to.

But first! A hearty breakfast to keep your spirits up-

A bunch of 1/8″ dice potatoes, deep fried twice and dusted with buttermilk ranch powder, crumbled, deep-fried bacon, and jack cheese stuffed into button mushroom caps and cooked in sizzling-hot cast iron. OMFG. So good. I’m dead serious, give it a shot. I put them on a bed of bacon, just for visual appeal and the fact that we eat a shitload of bacon.

I also put together a clementine/cranberry/vanilla preserves that I think is just GORGEOUS before cooking. The colors, they burn…
The end result got swirled through vanilla yogurt and served with the ‘shrooms and some itty-bitty buckwheat pancakes. I’ve determined I don’t like buckwheat, unless it’s all up in some soba.

Food having been taken care of, let’s admire my shoes. Custom made Nike Shox running shoes, designed by a fairly drunk Kristie, that are absolutely the perfect color to complement my dress. If you want to see my dress, you can go to my “wedding blog” that I have completely lost interest in because it was all boring and appropriate for extended family. And how much more can you say about wedding? Ugh. So, the shoes!

I know, right?

11 thoughts on “Lies, all lies….”

  1. Those shoes are pure win.

    For a brief moment I hallucinated a woman wearing a tiara, that fuchsia-sashed wedding dress, and with those shoes underneath, running full-bore down a street packed with gorgeous people and millions of streamers and confetti in the air. Toward a guy in a tux holding a BLT. I’m not saying it was a premonition or anything, but you never know…

    And by the way, did you know you there’s a dish called “Sugared Bacon”?

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