A modern Easter celebration

True Chicago-style pizza–what would happen if regular pizza got up one morning and said, “you know what, self? Let’s try to be MORE DELICIOUS.” And then it did.

I just got back home from Chicago yesterday, which actually is like saying I got home today, since yesterday I was so Xanax-ed out the whole day after a morning plane ride that I only lifted my head to eat Cadbury eggs and PeiWei noodles. I mean that literally. Like, I actually lay there, drifting in and out of consciousness, while food was placed close to my head so I could eat without sitting up. For 12 hours. And then it was bedtime.

I was initially feeling pretty sorry for myself, since this was my first Easter away from home, and there were no crazy egg hunts or yelling at my sister about her shady North Korean candy-trading tactics, or…ham of any sort. But then in one of my moments of lucidity, Chris took me downstairs for a few minutes and he had surprised me by hiding eggs full of Reeses and Starburst all around the downstairs, as well as bought not one, but TWO of those giant baskets that have all the toys and candy all wrapped up in colorful cellophane to sit on our dining room table. Now, growing up, I thought that only poor children and/or children whose parents didn’t love them very much got those kinds of baskets. The ones at my house were lovingly hand-filled by the Easter bunny with our favorite things. But yesterday’s baskets? ADORABLE. One had a pink wand and a tiara in it, and the other was stuffed to the gills with little pink kitchen appliance toys. Oh, and he had purchased every remaining Cadbury creme egg in the city so I can hoard them for a few weeks. Chris is the sweetest thing, I swear to you.

As for Chicago, well, it was fantastic. So fantastic that I cried every time I thought about coming back to San Antonio. As it turns out, it’s not just Denver that is amazingly cool. It’s VIRTUALLY EVERY CITY BUT SAN ANTONIO! I had never been to a really big city, but I really, really, REALLY enjoyed Chicago. Now, I will grant you; I ate at the best restaurant in the universe (next post), I drank Guinness like a skeeving lush in wondrous little action-pubs that were only steps away from a) our front door and b) one another, I stayed in an incredible 4-story brownstone-y thing in the center of Lincoln Park with a private roof deck overlooking a breathtaking skyline, I could walk two blocks each morning to a tea store that is every bit as yuppie as Starbucks, but is WAY cooler and serves only complicatedly delicious tea-type drinks (here is a picture of some of there specials), and I had the company of numerous handsome doctors with zero women hanging around demanding use of my lipgloss. So my view may be tainted. But honestly.

It’s just blocks and blocks and blocks of these storybook row-houses, uniquely fabulous restaurants, painfully chic boutiques (like the Vosges haute chocolate boutique where I sampled things like coconut curry and dark chocolate bars shaped like bunnies–yum!). The people are attractive, like they haven’t given up on life, even if they’re thick, thin, old, young, rich, middle-class, what have you. The city has a pulse, as Chris wisely put it. And I loved it. And it was clean, and there was a two story Sur La Table. I could gush about this forever. Instead, I am going to post a few pics, and then write my post about Alinea, which deserves its own entry, if not its own universe.

The view from the back of the roof deck

Some of the cool-ass tea drink choices. I hate coffee, but love me some fun tea drinks!

Incredibly tasty gyros in Greektown. And Greek fries, which is apparently when they make you regular fries, and then have one of the Greek gods just kind of pee on it, that’s how tasty they were. Like mythological god pee.

I had never been to a White Castle. I will never again go to a White Castle. Unless corporate calls me and says “We are SO sorry! Some crazy prankster had broken into our control room and set out delicious-o-meter all the way down to ‘foot.’ It won’t happen again!”

Okay. Alinea either tonight or tomorrow. Probably tonight. Pinkie swear…ish.

7 thoughts on “A modern Easter celebration”

  1. Mmmm, greek fries…but where’s the feta?! I think you got jipped. The Greek Gods are supposed to shake their dingleberries onto your fries too.

    I’d love to go to Chicago. I’ve never been. The sister-in-law might go to college there, so I have some semblance of hope that I may one day visit.

  2. Oh, you’ve made me homesick! (And jealous of your Alinea experience)

    I also have a White Castle picture w/Hubby in front of it. He said he’d never go back either. I’ll never understand that place.

  3. I want to cure you of this “every other city is better than San Antonio!” Go to Houston. Or Dallas. No seriously. Do it!

    And I have to go out tonight to see if there are any cadbury bunny eggs left at the grocery stores…why can’t we live in england where they have these things year round?

    Oh, are you doing the Texas Round Up next week? I signed up for it (free registration through the govmints), but I don’t know yet if I’ll actually show up.

    Okay, I must go now because I went and checked on my garden and wiped some aphids off my plants, and then realized I had ants walking all over my arm, and now I keep feeling like I have ants all over. Stupid ants!

  4. i totally disagree about deep dish chicago pizza. it’s more like, pizza got up one morning and said – hey, i think i’ll be a fucking cheese casserole.

    you know, if you grew up in nyc, all super exposed and shit like i did – you’d rule the goddamned world AND eat all that great food that you think is gross.

  5. Yeah white castle food is actually made up of pure grease. They just flavor different parts to taste more like beef or bread. Also the CEO wont call you because “foot” is their highest ranking.

  6. I truly enjoy your blog, thank you so much!

    Yes, do come to Houston. We have world class restaurants (Feast, Rainbow Lodge and many more), lots of foodie stores … admittedly not a particularly beautiful city (at least in some parts), but you might enjoy it. If you can get past the traffic that is. :)

    From my own experience as a veteran traveler (12 moves in 20 years!)anyplace is home if you allow it to be, and most places have their own particular charm. It’s all about what you allow yourself to enjoy.

    From my own travels I find that locals resent having their cities criticized and rightfully so. No doubt San Antos feel as passionately about San Antonio as you do about Denver. I’ve lived in Denver and San Antonio and have my own preference, but wouldn’t want to offend anyone by broadcasting it.
    Again, thank you for your blog and come to Houston … who knows, perhaps you’d like it. If not, no worries, there’s still lots of other places in the world with plenty of cool things to see and do.

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