What Real Men Eat

Well, it’s not this, that’s for damned sure. But WHY don’t real men eat quiche? It seems mighty manly, with its molecules of cholesterol swirling about in armies, grunting and spearing arteries with pitchforks of deliciousness. I mean, it’s like saying the bacon cheeseburger isn’t for real men. If real men can’t be defined by coronary artery disease, what CAN they be defined by? Hmm?

This was a fresh, buttery, flaky crust, topped with a mixture of eggs, cheddar, black forest ham, and fresh parsley and chives. Oooooh, and black pepper. All in a tart shell, which is the only way to make a pretty, perfectly cooked quiche if you ask me. If butter were crunchy, then that would be what this crust tasted like. And the eggs were fluffy and fresh with their herby payload. Gracious me. A cup of tea, some apple slices, and a wedge of this mofo and it was the perfect Saturday breakfast.

I’m proud to say that I’m marrying a man (not a REAL one, obviously) who likes quiche. A week from today, as a matter of fact. Which is why, when coupled with the pressure of finishing my last block of culinary school, I have been a lazy, lazy blogging whore for the last little while.

Planning a wedding isn’t a full-time job. I’m pretty low-key about the whole thing, rather than going all bridezilla on people. Finishing culinary school isn’t a full-time job, even though it’s over 8 hours a day of work. But put the two together, along with a crazy surprise bachelorette trip to Austin with my bestie Bex, and having to replan an entire honeymoon at the last minute since Chris isn’t allowed to go to Mexico on account of medical professional/piglet flu…I’ve been absurdly busy. So I apologize.

It’s not likely to get better any time soon, either. I leave for CO on Wednesday, wedding on Saturday, leave Monday for Jamaica (have since discovered that in my haste to find a honeymoon at the last minute, while still accounting for all the money we lost by cancelling the other at the last minute, I accidentally booked us at a resort that has an area devoted to nudists. Oops.), and get home on the 17th, in time for my culinary school practical final on the 21st and graduation on the 22nd.

I do keep my facebook all updated, though, so if you friend me we can keep up with each other until my return.

2 thoughts on “What Real Men Eat”

  1. Stupid pig cold.

    Why haven’t I been able to find you on facebook? I call you out. You are full of shit.

    Quiche is for real men. I said it. I meant it. Dudes should eat quiche and sit on pink towels at the beach, if they don’t want to be called homophobes (and those guys are all gay anyway).

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