To those of you who commented on the last blog and had it deleted, it was an accident. I was republishing after editing for a typo, and it republished without the comments. I love you guys.

And I passed my practical, meaning I get to graduate tomorrow. Excitement. It went really well: shallow-poached snapper with sauce vin blanc and sauteed mushrooms (ew) and chicken fricassee (which Chris calls choi-choi-frick-choi-choi) with root vegetables and green beans. And rice pilaf. I even didn’t throw up when chef made me taste a bite of the snapper, and I thought that was a giant leap for Kristie-kind.

Chris and I are gearing up for a 4 day weekend (if you include graduation day), so I’m thinking of a good food project for this weekend. I’ll post when it’s done.

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