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This has nothing to do with food, except that our caterer was AWESOME, and I only got a single bite of my beautiful cake, which still fills me with strong and bitter emotion every time I think of it…but I thought I’d post a few of the wedding pics for those of you who are in any way interested. If not? I’ll post something food-related later today. I can see you’re skeptical, so I’ll pinkie-swear.

This is my favorite picture of my hair, right after it was done. Very Goldilocks. Ignore the lipstick-application, please.

The boys had their photo shoot before the actual wedding, which is why my husband still looks kind of concerned. He’s the one on the left. See? Sexy, but concerned.

This is a good picture of the chapel while we were up there saying our vows. It looks so empty! I think it’s because it seats 1200 people, and I don’t know anywhere near that many people. Not even if I started randomly sending out friend requests on facebook. Sad.

This is us with my childhood pastor at the front of the church after the ceremony. She’s fantastic, and managed to work our dear, lush-like love of wine into her sermon. Bless her heart.

The family. My mom’s sooooooo tiny. We carried her to the ceremony in a cat carrier. And that’s Erik, my guest blogger. And the lil’ sister, Laurel. Good folk.

On the way out of the chapel, one of my Nikes came untied. I’ve heard this is a common problem among brides. Fortunately, my adorable husband was there to tie it for me, since I couldn’t see my feet. It was like being pregnant, only less birth-y.

This is the whole bridal party, attractive little buggers. My girls are Bex, KL, and Laurel. Chris is dude-ing around with his brother Tim, Barcus, and my brother Erik. And then there’s us in the middle. You can see part of the awesome USAFA chapel in the background.

Beepbeep. There was some concern from the bridal party that Chris and I were going to ACTUALLY hijack the golf cart. But we didn’t, not wanting to consummate our nuptuals in jail.

My photographer LUUUUUUUUURVED this picture. He said it was “spicy” and no I’m not joking. Spicy.

And food is sometimes spicy. See? We’ve come full circle.

7 thoughts on “Wedding pics”

  1. You are spicy. I love the hot pink on your wedding dress. Like a lil pinch of cayenne there. I'm finally shopping for mine this weekend. Any advice?

    More pictures, please. Just include one of the buffet or something to satisfy the rest of your readers.

  2. Brooke, get your ass on facebook. I've got LOADS of pictures on there. As for your wedding dress, here's my advice, for what it's worth:

    –decide ahead of time what type of dress works with your body type. A-lines are good on everybody.

    –if a dress is too small, it will give ANYONE back fat. Back fat is the worst bridal sin you can commit, I'm pretty sure.

    –look online first. Find 5 you love and want to try on. Chances are good that one of them will be the one for you. You know what you like, and trying on 400 dresses isn't going to change your mind, it'll only make you crazy. It took me 15 minutes to dress shop, because I knew my dress online when I saw it. I am SO happy I went with my gut, and didn't get distracted by some bland shit the salesperson pushed on me.

    –You get to pick. Nobody else gets to do anything but tell you you look pretty, or warn you of back fat.

    –Wear comfortable shoes. They don't have to be tennis shoes, but you will be miserable all night if your shoes pinch. There's no sitting during weddings.

    Those are my only nuggets of wisdom. You're going to look gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what you pick! Make someone take digital pictures of the front and back of each, k?

  3. Qoor~ I've been DYING for you to put up wedding pictures, nosy bastard that I am.

    1. That church is killer.
    2. Ohdeargod that picture of Chris tying your shoe, and the expression on your face, is absolutely priceless. Totally love it.
    3. Caliente INDEED!!!!

    It looks like you guys truly had an amazing day, congratulations again!

    Oh, yes…and I would like to see what your wedding cake looked like, if you happen to have a picture of that as well……please?

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