HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’ve done it! I’ve completed my magnum opus for my 27th year. I….HAVE SPHERIFIED BUTTER!!!

I’m so excited I’m actually shaking. Sure, I’ve piddle-diddled around with spherification, which is the encasement of a liquid inside a thin gel bubble, so when you pop the bubble, the liquid gushes out. The tiny ones look like caviar, but can actually be, oh, say, carrot juice. And the big ones, like in the post right before this one, are orb-like. The yogurt is really simple, because it’s got such a high calcium content, and is viscous. The carrot juice is easyish, because you add a different chemical to the equation that helps the process along. But butter…butter has foiled many a stronger chef than I.

I first had a butter orb at Alinea, with a popcorn and lobster dish. It was schweeeeeet. I told myself, “self! Someday, you will make a ball of melted butter. And it will gush when pierced, just like this one.” It has been an uphill battle, but I got it. And while this one is kind of weak-looking, it’s because I mushed the ball into a ball form with my hands (the mixture is water, butter, and calcium lactate emulsion). It melts the second it touches your hands, due to the water content. So the ball was rough and pointy in spots. Once I procure a silicone 1/2″ sphere mold, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m going to go back to dancing around the house and high-fiving myself, now. Loves!

4 thoughts on “TRIUMPH!!”

  1. I'm so proud of you, although I doubt the truthiness of this blog (despite the fact that I just ate all the popcorn while you were typing). So perhaps you could prove yourself again… with more buttery treats for me to taste. Love!

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