My little brother is getting married in January…I can’t believe it. All of a sudden the blond haired tyke who called all of his action figures, as well as most strange men, “dudes.” The awkward kid who went through an entire three year stretch during his school years where he would only wear sweatpants that were three inches too short, followed immediately by a one year stretch where he would routinely wear full suits to school (like a little Barney from How I Met Your Mother). The semi-eccentric-but-totally-hilarious teenager who spent a lot of his time loitering in a tea shop, becoming an expert on various vintages, with a close male friend of his, to the point where my parents were trying to find out the best way to be supportive of his eventual homosexual de-closeting. The dorm pretty-boy who told me he had pictures of his naked girlfriend in the trunk of his car, just to prevent me from going in and seeing that he was doing professional modeling that involved not wearing a shirt and flexing a lot. Then the college Marine officer-in-training who decorated his house’s living room with poster-sized, framed pictures of each of the tenants, himself holding what looked like an automatic weapon (wearing army green), including a poster-sized photo of the house dog…That kid is getting married. He’s teaching honors English. He’s getting ready to be deployed as a full-on marine officer. He’s all growed up, it seems.

I’m happy for him, and for his wife to be. I get to be a bridesmaid and wear PINK, which is really exciting. And I get to make their cake, which is simultaneously exciting and completely terrifying, since I am in no way experienced and if I fuck it up that’s a lifetime of bad wedding memories that would be solely my fault. I’ve been practicing frosting the square cakes, since that’s what they want. Square cakes are much harder to frost, but I’m starting to get the knack of it. My first attempt was disastrous (and twee): but some changes in frosting and technique are improving the situation dramatically. So don’t be too afraid, Erik and Alissa. I have it covered.

I have a final class to take in culinary school, since I missed the EuroMed section for my wedding. It takes place at the end of January/beginning of February, and the wedding falls smack in the middle of it, so I am going to fly out to Colorado for 4 days, during which I will make said cake, attend festivities, and say a final goodbye and good luck to crazy single Erik, and embracing newly-married Erik, as well as my new sister.

As a last hurrah (kind of like a bachelor party, but for family and without strippers or any of his friends), Chris and I are taking him to Alinea. I can’t wait to share that with him, and to take Chicago by storm. Topolabampo, Ann Sathers (for a cinnamon roll), Hot Dougs (for duck fat fries), Avec if we can find time…it’s going to be nuts. I’m going to get fat. I’m going to be poor. But I’m mostly going to try to transition my thoughts from Erik the kid to Erik the grown-ass man, with real responsibilities and a real wife and a real career. I couldn’t be happier for him.

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  1. Square cakes kick my arse – they end up rounded – or weird. But I am working on it.

    Congrats to the little brother. I don't know what I would do if my little bro were getting married. I would freak out. He has been engaged. But not married yet. She has a ring but they have no plans. Other than the typical back woods Abilene, TX thing that they are going to wait until they are both off of probation! (that strikes me as terribly funny)

  2. Im pretty sure this must be a dream because Im sure Erik is still to little to get married. Wake up Kristie, he is probably downstairs right now, a whole 4 ft 2 in sweatpants wearing headache throwing baseballs at the net target in the garage.

  3. How exciting! I think your cake looks great. You can't frost a square cake? I can't frost ANY cake without it looking like it was either done by a one armed 4 year old inbred, or was attacked by a herd of fire ants. And yes, I understand the principles of a crumb coat. And no, it doesn't help me in the slightest.

    (Final note: I think that since I'm getting married next year too, you should take *me* to Chicago with you. Erik will like me, I promise. I won't even hit on him much.)

  4. Don't fret too much over the cake. Square cakes are a cinch if you use the right icing (I have a killer recipe that actually ends up WHITE instead of standard buttercream yellow, and only uses 4 ingredients…none of them sugar), and a hot elbow-spatula. That is a must.

    I used to do wedding cakes for a living, so just ask if you have questions.

    p.s. my captcha is "shipoo".

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