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This isn’t really a blog post, but kind of important all the same–

The Texas grocery store HEB has kind of a bizarre philosophy wherein they only offer a couple of free-range/humanely-raised meat items, and even those are only offered at a couple of the select branches in high income areas. That means at the ones closest to us, I will find nothing but feedlot meat. Period.

Enter an unlikely player–Target. Our Target carries Laura’s lean beef, Niman Ranch bacon, Maverick Ranch bison and ground beef, and naturally raised chicken. How cool is that? Who would have thought Target would have a list of meat suppliers that included humane heavy-hitters?

Now, they don’t carry everything. If I want to make a pot roast, I still have to drive down to WhoFo and get one there. But they DO have most things, and I am incredibly grateful.

So I wrote them a letter. I’m a big fan of writing letters if a company goes absolutely above or absolutely below customer service standards. I just wanted to let them know how important it was that they offered products for and supported a lifestyle committed to animal welfare, personal health, and responsible sourcing.

Today I got a call from their head of purchasing in Minnesota (I think that’s where it was), thanking me for my letter and saying it made his day that somebody noticed and appreciated it. He said they’re going to start bringing in more options, as well as sustainable seafood.

I’m just excited. I think it’s cool. And I think it proves that you don’t have to go crazy out of your way, or spend a billion dollars to thoughtfully choose the food you buy. Sometimes it’s as easy as opening your eyes, looking around, and seeing that there really are convenient options to do the right thing.

So I’m basically in love with Target right now. And Whole Foods, but Target is so much closer…

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  1. Unfortunately, I do not have a super Targer close to me. It is very upsetting as I love Target. But when I did, I loved their selection. My Kroger has an "organic" section in which they have a small variety of things I am looking for such as raw cheese and GOOD soy products and free-range meat products. This is all important to me on my quest for a HEALTHIER ME and also because I am allergic to cow milk. Occasionally, I can find goat milk, also, but not very often.

  2. I've been getting a lot thing from Target lately. They have the best smoked wild Alaskan salmon I can find for fairly cheap and their Archers Farms brand is largely sourced out of Canada which has much more stringent laws on pesticides and GMOs. Organic markets are popping up here like weeds though so my problem is usually deciding which to support.

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