The winner (announced three days late) of the eggnog challenge, as chosen by random number draw, was John D. of Arizona! Hooray! Nothing says “I’ll really enjoy drinking this thick milk product” like 95 degree weather and scorpions. I feel you, John. Really, I do.

Send an email with your address to Kristiecsu at yahoo dot com to receive your gift!

And thank you, to all who participated.

1 thought on “Winner!”

  1. Woohoo, winner winner chicken dinner! Although I have to admit, I recently moved back to New Mexico after my internship. It's not so ungodly hot here, and fewer scorpions. =)

    In a way, I miss the brimstony hell-furnace of Tucson and the blistering waves of winter heat when rolling down one's car window. Anyway, I'll email ya, thanks!

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