A quick story

Our kitchen still isn’t finished. Tomorrow, I’m told. I can’t wait to show you. In the meantime…

Two days ago I got drunk and made cookies for my visiting cousin and husband. I made a LOT of cookies.
Yesterday, the cabinet man was in the kitchen working on finishing touches. I told him “Hey, take some of these cookies home with you. We don’t need the calories.”
He laughed and said he would. He then handed me a package that had come while I was out. I opened it right there in front of him. It was 15 lbs of heritage pork fat. Less than 2 minutes after I had self-righteously announced that we needed fewer calories. Win.
On the bright side, I’m hosting a sausage fest. Not the kind where it’s all dudes and one girl. The kind where multiple people with Kitchenaids and meat grinders show up and we make varieties of sausages. I’m excited.
And I bought a milking with a friend, so I’ll be getting a whole bunch of raw cream, creme fraiche, and freshly-churned butter to play with. I’m thinking the raw cream and milk is going to get turned into a cheese project. Stay tuned!